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Jumping magazines with Adrian Belew

Jan 10, 2018 No Comments by

At the end of November 2017, I finished an article for Guitar Aficionado that I was really excited about. The subject was one of my favorite guitarists, Adrian Belew, known for his work with King Crimson, Talking Heads, Nine Inch Nails, and many others, including Gizmodrome, a new supergroup with the Police’s Stewart Copeland. Adrian and […]

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Radiohead closes the circle

Jul 24, 2017 No Comments by

Twenty years and about two months ago, I was sitting on a plane en route to Spain from New York, playing an advance copy of Radiohead’s OK Computer over and over again. This was part of my preparation for interviewing all five members of the band during the album’s global media launch event in Barcelona. […]

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The real Pink Floyd, on 28 discs

Jan 19, 2017 No Comments by

On some level, the rise of the archival megabox may simply be a cynical scheme, designed to coax as much cash out of the pockets of aging baby boomers as possible before the compact disc completes its long, slow slide into oblivion. But when such a scheme actually provides material that rabid fans of all […]

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Germination is here

Dec 03, 2016 No Comments

Back in February, I started recording an EP made up mostly of songs that I’d written many years ago, set aside, and then rediscovered. That EP, appropriately titled Germination, was officially released yesterday for free streaming and paid downloading via the Bandcamp website (where you can also find my earlier album I Call Time). You […]

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Mark Eitzel at the Mercury: The rest of the story

Jun 02, 2016 1 Comment

Back in February, I witnessed a bizarre accident during a Mark Eitzel show at the Mercury Lounge that I wrote about here. Eventually, the central figure involved—a photographer named Mike, who collapsed and hit his head badly while Eitzel was playing—read what I’d posted and got in touch with me, to 1) let me know […]

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Getting In Tune

Apr 05, 2016 No Comments

As posted by me on Facebook this morning: The May issue of Music Alive! will be my last as editor. I’m moving on to our sister publication, In Tune Monthly, and I’ll be taking over for its 2016-17 season as editor-in-chief (a post my esteemed colleague Emile Menasché has held down ably for the past 13 […]

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“Everything is beautiful, but babe, not you or me”

Mar 05, 2016 No Comments

Last week I went to the Mercury Lounge on Houston Street to see Mark Eitzel play a solo show. Although I’d been in the crowd at a bunch of his New York-area gigs in the mid-to-late ’90s, I hadn’t seen him live in about 15 years, and I’d forgotten how much I adore his songs […]

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Not all good things come to an end, only a chosen few

Feb 12, 2016 No Comments

I just finished reading Elvis Costello’s autobiography, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink, which I’d been looking forward to for a long while. Overall, it was worth the wait. Anyone who cares about even a small segment of the vast Costello catalog probably won’t be surprised to learn that he’s as skilled a prose stylist as […]

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Happy Halloween from the Dark Young

Oct 31, 2015 No Comments

I posted this on my Facebook page earlier today, and it needs to go here too: “The day has come at last. The second album by The Dark Young—which took 20 years to finish and involved recording sessions in five major cities on three continents—is available at this link for audition and purchase. (Our first album, […]

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When doing the right thing sounds bad

Aug 23, 2015 No Comments

As Neil Young would surely tell you, complaining about the sound quality of compressed audio files is nothing new. Neither is complaining about the tiny royalty rates paid to people who create music by the companies who make that music available online. One partial answer to the latter gripe is to buy music outright rather […]

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