Exit Music: The Radiohead Story

Exit Music: The Radiohead Story, my book about one of the most widely admired rock bands of our time, was originally published in 2000. It has subsequently been updated and revised (three times) and translated into Japanese, Italian, and German. Omnibus Press published the latest U.K. edition of the book in February 2011, and the latest U.S. edition was published by Backbeat Books in March 2012.

Drawing on extensive research and musical analysis as well as interviews with the band members and many others, Exit Music follows Radiohead from their formation in the suburban Oxfordshire of the 1980s through the international success of “Creep” and the creation of such modern classics as The Bends, OK Computer, and Kid A to the groundbreaking Internet release of 2007’s In Rainbows and beyond. It’s meant to be both a critical companion to Radiohead’s work and a glimpse into the five fascinating personalities that shape the band’s music.

To find out more about the latest U.K. edition of Exit Music and/or buy it, go here. For the latest U.S. edition, go here.