Happy Halloween from the Dark Young

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I posted this on my Facebook page earlier today, and it needs to go here too:

“The day has come at last. The second album by The Dark Young—which took 20 years to finish and involved recording sessions in five major cities on three continents—is available at this link for audition and purchase. (Our first album, originally released in 1994, is also on Bandcamp in case you need to catch up.) I’d like to acknowledge everyone who helped make this happen, especially Manuel Paul Arenas, without whom there wouldn’t have been a Dark Young; Mark White and Jeremy Woodruff, key members from day one; our wonderful guest stars Jeff Hudgins and Lizzy Daymont; and Don Piper, who engineered a key session in Brooklyn a few years back. But the most praise by far should go to our drummer/producer/principal cheerleader Geoff Chase, who took this project by the reins and refused to let go until it was completed to his satisfaction. Well done, Geoff, and happy Halloween to all!”

Here is the album in question. Hope you enjoy it.

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