I Call Time

(M. Randall)

Blind me with the brightness of your floodlight glare
Scrape away the center of the nerve
Crank up the electrodes till they singe my hair
Tell me it’s the best that I deserve

And I run, I escape from this game
I deny all the guilt and the shame
What you say I can never abide
I call time

Whatever convinced you to believe the lies
And take this far beyond a shred of sense?
Speaking to you plainly leaves you mystified
So I take the exit now in self-defense


Now I’ve had enough
Finale is in sight
The plot I thought was lost
Is falling back in line
And while you’re taking up all my time
I just never can get it right


While you’re taking up all my time
I just never can get it right
You’re just taking up all my time
And I never can get it right

I call time


© 2014 Grandiosity Complex Ltd. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Mac Randall: lead vocal, electric and acoustic guitars, organ, piano
Michael Gelfand: bass
David Richman: drums



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