Make Sure You’re Right

Photo by Robin Malik

Photo by Robin Lee Malik/

(M. Randall/A. Thorpe)

On your way
Somewhere that they can’t discover
Keep your secrets
Hidden in a suitcase

Time to kill
Waiting in a moving carriage
Ready, set
And go take on a new face

Got to make sure you’re right
Got to keep moving in the same direction
Got to make sure you’re right
If there’s a hope of passing the inspection

Heading west
Stare across the burning river
Open land
And acres full of blue sky

Can you prove
That you’re different from the others
It’s your time
To show them life through your eye


It’s enough for everyone
It’s enough, you’ve heard it all along
It’s enough for everyone
It’s enough, you know they got it wrong


© 2014 Grandiosity Complex Ltd. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Mac Randall: lead and backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Amanda Thorpe: backing vocals
Michael Gelfand: bass, backing vocals
David Richman: drums



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