My Music

mac-final-front-cover-germination-aIn addition to writing about music, I’ve made quite a bit of my own, and this page is devoted to the various band and solo projects I’ve engaged in over the years.

My latest solo recording, an EP called Germination, was released in December 2016 via Bandcamp. Two years before that, I put out my first official solo album, I Call Time. Go here to find out more about it.

Between 2003 and 2009, I was the lead guitarist and de facto musical director of a folk-pop trio called Bedsit Poets. We recorded two albums for Bongo Beat Records and played a bunch of shows around the East Coast as well as stray gigs in Los Angeles, Toronto, and London. You can listen to some of the music we came up with here.

At the same time as this, I also played the role of Telecaster-toting Dexter Blueblood in a four-piece garage-rock outfit known as the Grand Old Party. We wore matching red, white, and blue striped neckties for all our shows and sang about the importance of beer, among other deathly serious subjects. Get the idea here.

Before that, I made some heavy-duty math rock for a few years with a band called Fuller. We started out as a quartet with two bassists, both of whom sang (along with me). Then one of the bassists—the one with the best voice—left, so we decided to stop singing entirely and become an all-instrumental power trio. Not the most commercially minded move of all time, but at its best, our music had a real cinematic sweep. Here’s one track each by the vocal and instrumental versions of the band.

Fuller – Immune

Fuller – Blizzard Watch

And then there’s the Dark Young, the Boston goth-prog band I was in from 1991 to 1995. We put out one album—on cassette only! (now available on Bandcamp)—that sounded sort of like a cross between King Crimson and the Doors. There was a song about necrophilia, and one about the joys of eating muffins. The band members are scattered across two continents now, but modern technology be praised, we started making music again in 2008, and our second album, Part the Second, was released on Halloween 2015.

Besides all this, I’m sitting on a huge amount of music that hardly anyone’s heard, much of it recorded on four-track cassette tapes dating as far back as 1984. A judicious selection of that material is slowly becoming available on my Soundcloud page, so please go have a listen if you’re interested.