A very British Christmas with Wyatt and Davies

Dec 31, 2014 No Comments

With Christmas in the rearview and the all-important Top 10 albums list completed, it’s been my pleasure over the past few days to forget about the latest and just enjoy the greatest. Specifically, I’ve been delving back into the work of two British music paragons, neither of whom I ever need much of an excuse to […]

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Up the wooden hills to nevermore

Dec 04, 2014 No Comments

Ian “Mac” McLagan, the impeccable and effervescent keyboardist for the Small Faces, the Faces, and many others, died of a stroke at age 69 today. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting him—and my understanding is that meeting him was almost invariably a pleasure—listening to his playing on record never failed to lift my […]

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Monsters in “Boxes”

Oct 01, 2014 No Comments

Ever since their celebrated pay-what-you-want online release of In Rainbows in 2007, the members of Radiohead have gotten as much notice for the ways they’ve chosen to put their music out as they have for the music itself. Last Friday, the band’s leader Thom Yorke seemed to be bolstering this rep for innovation when he […]

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Save the new date: Wednesday, October 15

Sep 25, 2014 No Comments

Well, bronchitis got me down the first time we tried this, but now it’s official once again. My first live show in support of the new I Call Time album will be at 8 PM on Wednesday, October 15, at The Delancey, 168 Delancey St., New York City. I’ll be performing with most of the […]

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Return to Music Alive!

Sep 08, 2014 No Comments

After a year’s hiatus, I am back in the editor’s chair of Music Alive! magazine. Our first issue of the 2014-2015 season, dated October, is now on its way to middle and high schools across the country (you can see its cover on your left). This is the 34th season of Music Alive!, which is […]

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Time is called

Jun 24, 2014 No Comments

The moment has arrived at last. I Call Time is now available for purchase, either as a CD or download, at CD Baby, and all you have to do is go here. You’ll also soon be able to find it on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and various others; more on that in the coming days. Another […]

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“I Call Time” now streaming on SoundCloud

Jun 17, 2014 No Comments

I am happy to report that 1) finished CDs of the I Call Time album are currently wending their way to me in a UPS truck and 2) the album’s title song is now available for your streaming pleasure on my SoundCloud page. Next week, I’ll post a second song from the album there, and […]

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“Wipe the hard drive and everything’s fresh again”: An interview with Ben Watt

Jun 13, 2014 No Comments

On Wednesday, June 11, I saw Ben Watt, best known as half of the ’80s/’90s British pop duo Everything But the Girl, play his debut solo show in New York, at Joe’s Pub. It was an intense experience—not a surprise, given that most of the songs on his new album, Hendra, address how to carry […]

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Almost time for I Call Time

Jun 06, 2014 No Comments

If you’re reading this post, you should also be able to see a little box on the right side of the page that contains a thumbnail shot of the I Call Time album cover and a few accompanying words. Clicking on the cover shot will lead you to a new section of my website that’s […]

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I Call Time (the debut solo album)

May 07, 2014 No Comments

I started working on an album of my own songs in 2013. It was the first such project I’d done in 18 years. During that long gap, I made several albums as a member of various bands: Fuller, the Grand Old Party, and Bedsit Poets. But the closest thing I had to a solo record […]

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