The Ballad of the Fisherman’s Cap

(M. Randall)

The story begins with a fisherman’s cap
Irish tweed and button-down flaps
To keep his ears warm on a wind-whipped Cambridge day
As he’d walk slowly through the Yard near the Appian Way

Don’t hang on to the wind

After he died, it passed down to his son
Who wore it in the colder months, same as his father had done
It never quite fit, just a little too small
But because of where it came from, it hardly mattered at all

Don’t hang on to the wind

On the 7th of March, one year to the day
That his dear father had passed away
He walked into a store on a busy city street
Cap in his hand in the unseasonal heat

If only he could remember just what happened then
Did it slip from his grasp? Could he find it again?

He looked all around, but the search was no good
The fisherman’s cap had vanished, as he’d somehow always known it would
He wanted to cry, it saddened him so
But the moment had gone and it was time to let go

As he wandered back home through the commuter race
He thought back to the last time he’d seen his father’s face
His feelings were clear, so were his eyes
It was time to wear a hat that was the right size

Don’t hang on to the wind


© 2014 Grandiosity Complex Ltd. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Mac Randall: lead vocal, electric guitars, piano
Michael Gelfand: bass
Peter Catapano: percussion



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