Will You Sail

(M. Randall/A. Thorpe)

I don’t know what I’ll say
Which day or in what way
I just know I’ve got something to say to you

You have to realize
There’s something on my mind
You’ve taken me so far from what I knew

On a high tide
Through the dark
A storm is brewing
Will you sail with me?

So many things to see
While drifting endlessly
Away from shore into the morning light

Whichever way we glide
Is no concern of mine
I only want to see us through the night


Tossing to and fro
Unsteady as I go
What are the words to tell you to hold on?

The course will not be straight
But why should I wait?
Catch the moment now before it’s gone

Will you
Will you
Will you sail with me?


© 2014 Grandiosity Complex Ltd. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Mac Randall: lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Amanda Thorpe: backing vocals
Michael Gelfand: bass
David Richman: drums



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