Windowless Room

(M. Randall)

In a windowless room
With no difference between night and day
Maybe there I could touch you
And you’d have no cause to turn away

We could lie there for hours
Skin on skin and limbs entwined
Attention undivided
Not a worry in our minds

Is there an end to this story?
Can we go back again to that former place?
I wish away the years passing out of reach

All this while I’ve been yearning
For the fever to return again
Melting down all the ice floes
Collecting here since who knows when

I see you in my mind laughing
I know the time has grown very short
I wish away the clouds gathering in the sky


© 2014 Grandiosity Complex Ltd. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Mac Randall: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, piano
Michael Gelfand: bass
Peter Catapano: drums



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